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Welcome to the Dr. Victor Treviño’s Bioinformatics Laboratory.
Our lab joins researchers, students, and staff.
We have developed many bioinformatics tools, including PubTerm, Galgo, GridMass, SurvExpress, SurvMicro, CoGTex, HotspotsAnnotations, Fresa.CAD, and SurvHotspots, among others (see tools).


  • Dr. José-Gerardo Tamez-Peña, Imaging, and Data Analysis
  • Dr. Juan Emmanuel Martínez-Ledesma, Genomics and Data Analysis
  • Dr. Alejandro Santos-Díaz, Imaging and Data Analysis
  • Dr. Victor-Manuel Treviño-Alvarado, Genomics and Data Analysis


MSc. Alejandra Guardado – Data Analysis

Dr. Marisela Sánchez Chaparro – Mol & Cell Biology

Current Students

Master in Computer Sciences

Héctor Valdez Álvarez – Estimation of Global and Local Mexican Ancestry
Farid Sadot Jácome Velasco – eQTL for obesity-related genes
David Torres Treviño – Generiting PGS for Mexicans
Bella Gabriela Alvarez Cuevas – PolyMetabolomic Score for Obesity

Bachelor in Genomic Biotechnology
Anahí Tamez – Characterization of a Cancer Cell line edited in the MMP15 gene
Jesús Romero – Reconstructing Gene Regulatory Network Model for POMC gene

Current Positions